ACORNS Downloads

ACORNS is freeware, however, the author, Dan Harvey, retains full copyright privileges to this software. You may install this software on as many computers you want. You may not sell this software for profit or reverse engineer it. Our hope is that it prove useful, but we do not provide any guarantees of its suitability for any purpose. By downloading this software, you agree to abide by the terms just described. Please contact Dan Harvey at if you have questions or comments regarding permissible use.

We create ACORNS using the install4J multi-platform installer builder.

General Notes (Scroll down for the download links)

In addition to the ACORNS application program, this distribution comes with a Lessons folder, which contains sample ACORNS lessons that you can view or use as you wish. It also contains a Pictures folder contains lots of pictures that might be helpful when you create your first language lessons. Documentation includes a userís manual and several small files describing this release. The lesson and picture files are not essential; you can remove them if you wish.

The installers also include the Hare audio editing application. Since Hare also runs from within ACORNS, you donít need to worry about it unless you want to also run it stand-alone. It can be downloaded separately if you are installing from a MAC system.

Note that the Windows and Mac software installers that follow have been digitally signed using an established certificate of authority organization.


Acorns Mobile Player This application "plays" ACORNS lessons distributed by e-mail, Drop Box facilities, or from Web links (please refer to the documentation tab for more details). Per best-practice installation procedures, this application is available on Google Play (category: Education, name: Acorns Mobile Player).
Apple Mobile GalleryPer Apple requirements, this application must be downloaded from Apple Store and installed using iTunes.
ACORNS is available for installation from Apple and Window store. From Windows store it is called Acquisition of Restored Native Speech; From Apple Store it us called Acorns language App. On both, you should be able to search using the keybord acorns.
Windows 64 Bit Systems Windows Installer After the download, simply click to install and folow the instructions.
Newer Mac/OS Systems MAC .dmg install   
After the download, click on the dmg file. Next, Click on the installer program that appears; it will perform the install for you.

Note: It is necessary that your Apple system allows installations from recognized developers. If your not sure about this, take the following steps.

  1. Click on the Apple icon on the top left of the display
  2. Click on System Preferences
  3. Click on Security and Privacy
  4. If the General Tab is not highlighted, click on it
  5. At the bottom there are two radio buttons. One of them allows installs from recognized developers. Select that one
  6. You can now download and install. Use either the Safari or Chrome browsers
Older Mac/OS Systems (before El Capitan) without some features MAC .dmg install   
After the download, click on the dmg file. Next, Click on the installer program that appears; it will perform the older ACORNS install for you.
Linux tar.gz bundle tar.gz bundle   
After the download, uncompress the bundle. The executable is Acorns. You can also execute the AcornsApplicaton.jar file from the command line by typing java -jar Acorns.jar.

If the Java Run Time Environment (JRE) is not already on your system, make sure to install it first. You can obtain the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) from Oracle. The download is free.