Sound Panel Operation

A picture of a Sound Panel follows. Sound panels allow you to create, edit, and manipulate sound recordings.

The Sound Panel has a window in the center that displays sound waves. A series of buttons surround this window. The bottom of the panel contains a drop down menu and two text input boxes. These allow you to type information that describes (annotates) the recording. The annotation page describes how to annotate your recordings.

If you make a mistake, error messages display in red at the bottom of the panel. Sometimes HARE acknowledges what it is doing by displaying a message in this area. The Error page describes the kind of messages that can display.

While the HARE audio editor executes, you move your mouse over the various buttons, text boxes, or drop down menu, to see a short description of the component. This can help if you forget what a particular component does. We have help pages that describe the operation of of the various buttons. You can click on the image links below to learn how these buttons work.

Recording Buttons
File Control Buttons
Edit Buttons
Recording Speed and Volume Control Buttons
Wave Display Buttons
Selection Control Buttons
Zoom Control Buttons
Redo and Undo Buttons