Zoom In and Out Buttons

The zoom in and out buttons allow you to focus in on a particular portion of a sound recording. When you initially record a sound wave, it shows in its entirety in the sound panel's display window. Each time you zoom, the portion that displays is cut by a half. You then need to use the scroll bar to see other portions of the wave. The zoom features are useful when you want to exactly see where words start and end.

Zooming still keep the selected area highlighted. This differs from the display buttons that display the recording with nothing selected.

Zoom In  Pressing this button doubles the space needed to display the sound recording. You will need to use the scroll panel to see portions of the sound wave.
Zoom Out  Pressing this button undos the effect of pressing the zoom in button.
Zoom to Selection  Pressing this button causes the selected portion of the sound wave to show on the entire wave display window, if possible. Sometimes the program can reach its maximum zoom capacity. In this case, it might still be necessary to scroll to see the selected area.
Zoom All  Pressing this button zooms to the entire sound recording. This is the default where the entire recording displays in the display window.