(H)olistic (A)udio (R)ecorder and (E)ditor

The HARE audio editor Application enables you to edit and create recorded audio files. You can copy or cut words and phrases to create new audio clips. You can alter the volume of the recordings, and speed up or slow the play back. Additionally, you can add gloss(normally English) and native annotations to the recordings. HARE audio editor software conforms to best practice criteria for working with linguistic data, in that it supports standard file formats through its export and import facilities. We hope you enjoy your experience with this software.

The HARE audio editor enables you to add annotations to sound recordings. These annotations attach to specific portions of a sound recording. ACORNS uses this capability for its Hear and Respond Lessons

We continue our research relating to language independent speech recognition. The HARE audio editor is the platform to which we experiment with cutting edge techniques. The ACORNS project will utilize speech recognition by enabling students to speek in their native language to interact with language lessons

HARE audio editor enhancements in Version 2

  1. There are now three Sound Panels for working with audio signals instead of two (in version 1)
  2. Audio signals now can be sped up or slowed down, while maintaining the original pitch.
  3. Support for both wide band and narrow band spectrograms
  4. Support for several filtering techniques
  5. Improved audio signal display options

The HARE audio editor is freeware, however, the author, Dan Harvey, retains full copyright privileges to this software. You may install this software on as many computers you want. You may not sell this software for profit or reverse engineer it. Our hope is that it prove useful, but we do not provide any guarantees of its suitability for any purpose. By downloading this software, you agree to abide by the terms just described. Please contact Dan Harvey at harveyd@sou.edu if you have questions or comments regarding permissible use.