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ACORNS Linguistics Project

This is a long term research project involving both graduate and undergraduate students. Its purpose is to support Native American tribal language restoration projects. Out of more than three hundred languages indigenous to this continent, only about twenty have over a hundred remaining fluent speakers.

The name ACORNS stands for [AC]quisition [O]f [R]estored [N]ative [S]peech. The acorn is sacred to tribes in Northern California and Southern Oregon. This acronym honors these tribes whose support helped spawn this project. ACORNS software is free to download and use for non-commercial purposes; that is, it is not for resale.

You can find out more by moving your mouse to projects by clicking the Acorns Linguistic Project link We welcome your comments and your feedback.

ELK Keyboard Project

The [E]xtended [L]inquistics [K]eyboards project provides a cross-platform framework for handling indigenous keyboard layouts. It uses the .keylayout stucture because that is the format used on MACs and it is XML based. Prior to ELK, each computer platform had its own way of specifying keyboard mappings. ELK provides the possibility for users to create keyboard mappings with a single uniform approach.

WOLF Dictionary Project

Linguists often use different technologies to create indigenous dictionaries. The [W]ord [O]riented [L]inguistic[F]ramework provides an easy to use package that has been designed with linguistic needs in view. It supports dictionaries with up to 100 languages/dialects, provides web-based export of information, integrates audio/image/video components, and presents an easy-to-use interface. Wolf can import SIL dictionaries supporting all of the MDF markers. Outputs are controlled by user-defined templates in htm, rtf, or pdf formats. WOLF also is able to create mobile apps that run on both Android and Apple devices using the ACORNS gallery application.