Downloading and Running the Interval Visualizer

System Requirements

The Interval Visualizer requires Java Version runtime version 1.5 to execute. Java is freely downloadable from Sun or Apple Corporations, depending which system you use. Note that Mac Systems running operating systems older than 10.4 do not support Java 1.5. You will need to upgrade your Operating System if you have one of these older systems.

Unfortuately, the visualizer does not run well under Java 1.6, but it is possible to run both Java 1.5 and 1.6 on the same system.

Installation Steps

  1. The first step is to install Java 1.5 on your system. If you already have Java Version 1.5 available on your system, you can skip this step. To execute the Download, click on the appropriate link below based on which operating system you have, and follow the installation instructions.

    Mac Systems

    Java Mac downloads are available from .

    Windows and Unix Systems

    Java Windows and Unix 1.5 downloads are available from Choose the 'Go' button for Java 2 Platform Standard Edition | JDK/JRE 5.0 then select the Java Runtime Environment and follow the installation instructions for your operating system.

  2. Set your browser to use Java 1.5. On Windows XP systems with both Java 1.5 and 1.6 installed, you can do this by opening Control Panel | Java | Java tab | Java Application Runtime Settings (View) | Enable Platform 1.5 and disable any 1.6 versions | OK

  3. If you satisfy the system requirements, simply click on the hyperlink link below. Doing this will cause Java Web Start to install and launch the Interval Visualizer. Java Web Start comes as part of the standard Java runtime environment. You will be asked to accept a security certificate, so the Interval Visualizer can 'listen' to your microphone.

Run the Interval Visualizer

Software Licensing and Rights

The Interval Visualizer is freely downloadable under the standard GNU General Public Open Source license agreement. For details, refer to . The author, Pete Nordquist, retains full copyright priviledges to this software. By downloading this software, you agree to abide by its terms. Please contact if you have questions or comments.