Introduction to Hear and Respond Lessons

Hear and Respond lessons consist of a recorded story along with a series of text annotations that attach to places in the story. A set of annotations can be a translation of the story. It could be the story spelled correctly in the indigenous language. Each Hear and Respond lesson can have up to ten annotation sets attached to the story.

When you execute a Hear and Respond lesson, you will hear the story and see it's annotated text with blanks. The learning task is to fill in those blank words. In this way, you get practice hearing, comprehending, and learning the correct spellings.

You create Hear and Respond lessons in two steps. The first step is to configure and set up the data appropriately. Refer to Hear and Respond lesson set up for more details. The second step is to execute the lesson as we describe in Hear and Respond Execution. This procedure is analogous to setting up Power Point slides and then running a Slide Show. The Hear and Respond setup panel allows some limited editing capabilities. If you need to edit your recording more substantially, refer to the Sound Editor help pages.