Introduction to Flash Card Lessons

Flash card lessons display three piles of flash cards and a list of phrases or expressions that apply to those cards. On each card there is a picture describing the phrases or words that are attached. Students click on the top card of a pile to hear one of the audio recordings attached to it. They then click on the correct phrase or word which corresponds to the audio they heard. They will hear an acknowledgement if they click on the correct word or phrase. If they were incorrect, they will be told of their error. After correct responses, a new card comes to the top of the pile and the game continues.

Initially, all of the pictures are in the pile to the left. After enough correct answers, the ACORNS program will move a top card to the middle pile. After more correct answers, cards move to the rightmost pile. The goal of the game is to get all of the cards to the rightmost pile.

Students can also manually move cards between piles. If you wish to do this, click your mouse on a pile, drag to one of the other piles, and finally release over the destination. The card will move to that destination pile.

Flash Card lesson creation proceeds in two steps. This procedure is analogous to setting up Power Point slides and then running a Slide Show. The first step is to configure and set up the data appropriately. Refer to Flash Card Setup for more details. The second step is to execute the lesson. It is described in the Flash Card Execute page.