Executing a Hear and Click Lesson

When you execute a hear and click lesson, you will see a series of pictures displaying, and the program plays back an audio story recording that relates to the pictures that show. Your job is to click on the correct picture when the part of the story that plays back relates. When you click your mouse on one of the pictures, you will hear an acknowledgement audio to let you know if you are correct or not.

The score in the upper right corner will show how you are doing as you continue clicking on pictures as the recording plays. After the lesson completes, the process will start all over again, this time with possibly different pictures displaying in different places in the display window. Depending on how the lesson is set up there can be more pictures than show in a particular session. Each time you execute the lesson, you will see a different set of pictures displaying. Note that the pictures can be animated GIF files. This makes is possible to set up lessons that convey action.

At the top of the display, there are icon buttons that can help. If you want to replay the last part of the recording again simply click the replay button. Similarly, the button with the blue circle is for showing the answer (the correct picture highlights). There is also a button to pause the audio. Finally, the play button continues to the next pause point.

Play Control Panel

On the bottom of your display you will see a row of buttons that are standard across all lesson types. For more information Click Here. Clicking on the middle button () causes a pop up menu to appear, which has options that are unique for each lesson type. Hear and Click lesson options are shown with explanations below.

Reset lesson
Increase Difficulty Level from Moderate
Decrease Difficulty Level from Moderate
Select Continuous Play Mode
The first option allows you to reset the game, which means redrawing different pictures at different places.

You can use the next two options to select either of the top two options to respectively adjust the difficulty level of the lesson. A greater difficulty level will cause more pictures to display (if they are available).

The last option toggles between continuous play and standard play. Continuous play sounds the audio straight through, with a short pause at the points that relates to each picture. The program will highlight the correct picture with a red border, and then continue onto the next. Standard play stops and has you select which picture corresponds to the audio.