Introduction to Magnet Game Lessons

A Magnet Game lesson is created by first entering a series of sentences, which represent categories of communication. To each of these sentences, the user can then attach a picture and a set of audio recordings. A first-language translation along with the native spelling is entered along with each of these recordings.

When the lesson executes, magnets appear randomly about the display. (Each magnet contains a single word of the native spelling corresponding to one of the audio recordings.) The student's job is to drag magnets (by depressing the mouse on one of the magnets and moving the mouse) over one containing an adjacent word and then drop (by releasing the mouse). This action will join the magnets together. After the entire sentence is reconstructed by repeated drag and drop operations, the user can click to hear the audio contained and see an appropriate picture (if one was attached).

Magnet Game lesson creation proceeds in two steps. The first step is to configure and set up the data appropriately. Refer to Related Phrase Lesson Setup for more details. The second step is to execute the lesson and we describe this process in the Magnet Game Lesson Execute page. This procedure is analogous to setting up Power Point slides and then running a slide show.