Executing Magnet Games

When you execute a Magnet Game, you will see a series of magnets displayed randomly about the display. These magnets contain words of a series of sentences using native language spelling and an appropriate indigenous font. Some of the magnets will be on top of others, but don't be concerned, this is normal. Your job is to drag magnets to adjacent words and then drop them onto another magnet containing an adjacent word of the sentence. You drag magnets by pressing the mouse on them and while keeping the mouse depressed moving the mouse. You drop by releasing the mouse when you get to the desired place on the display.

If you release a magnet over one that does not have an adjacent word of the sentence, you will hear a negative feedback audio (a squawk sound is the default). Otherwise, you will see a larger magnet form that combines the one you dragged with the one that you dropped onto. Continue this process until you completely reconstruct the sentences.

When a sentence is fully reconstructed, you will hear a positive feedback (a bird tweet is the default). You can then click on the magnet containing the complete sentence and hear the audio, see the picture (if one was loaded), and view the text information entered describing the audio. There is a button in the display dialog () that allows you to replay the audio if you wish.

Play Control Panel

On the bottom of your display you will see a row of buttons that are standard across all lesson types. For more information Click Here. Clicking on the middle button () causes a pop up menu to appear, which has options that are unique for each lesson type. Magnet Game lesson options are shown with explanations below.

Reset game Clicking on this selection resets the game by redisplaying magnets at random positions on the display to start over. If multiple audio recordings are entered with each category of sentence or if there are lots of sentence categories, the reset will display magnets reflecting different sets of sentences each time the game is reset. This makes the game more interesting because it will provide a varied experience for the student.
Increase difficulty level
Decrease difficulty level
This option allows the student to adjust the difficulty of the lesson. A higher difficulty level means that magnets reflecting more sentences will display at once. Similarly, a lower difficulty level means that less magnets will display.
Increase font size
decrease font size
This option allows the student to control the font size of the text displayed within the magnets.