Executing Multiple Choice Lessons

When you execute a multiple choice lesson, you will see four pictures and hear audio that pertains to one of the pictures. Click on the appropriate picture. If your selection is correct you will hear audio feedback indicating your success. Four new pictures will then display and you can repeat the process. Multiple audio clips can relate to a picture, so even if the same picture shows, the audio will vary.

Should you choose the wrong picture, you will hear audio indicating that you should try again. The same pictures remain, and you have a chance to correct your answer. At the top of the screen you will see your current score. The gloss (first language) translation and the native spelling also shows unless you decide to turn these displays off (see below).

Play Control Panel

On the bottom of your display you will see a row of buttons that are standard across all lesson types. For more information Click Here. Clicking on the middle button () causes a pop up menu to appear, which has options that are unique for each lesson type. Multiple Choice lesson options are shown with explanations below.

Turn sound off
Turn native spelling off
Turn translation off
Clicking on the selections to turn off sound, native spelling, or translation will cause the lesson to respectively stop playing audio, showing the indigenous spelling, or the first language translation. After doing this, the next time you display the popup options, the words off will change to on so you can restore the lesson to its initial state.