Executing Picture and Sound Lessons

If you wish to hear the recorded sounds attached to places on the picture, simply click on any of the acorns. ACORNS will randomly play the audio for one of the sounds attached to the acorn. You will also see a pop-up window (shown below) containing the gloss translation (Normally English) and the native spelling associated with the audio. Note the arrow to the right of the dialog. You can click this should you want to rehear the audio.

If you see icons, they link to other lessons; click on these to switch.This feature works like hyperlinks do on the Internet. For example, the linked lesson can be a blown up picture that provides more detail.ACORNS can support sophisticated lessons using this feature.

Play Control Panel

On the bottom of your display you will see a row of buttons that are standard across all lesson types. For more information Click Here. Clicking on the middle button () causes a pop up menu to appear, which has options that are unique for each lesson type. Picture and Sound lesson options are shown with explanations below.

Increase scale factor from 100
Decrease scale factor from 100
Selecting the these options changes the size of the displayed picture from the size indicated. The current scale factor (100% shown on the left) is displayed. Each use of this option alters the size by 10%. If the picture is larger than the display area, you can pan to see the areas that don't show. Simply move your mouse pointer near the border of the picture; you will see the displayed part of the picture move. To keep it panning, you need to keep moving the mouse. By adjusting the scale factor, you can shrink the picture so the whole thing fits in the display area. (In this case, panning is not necessary.)