Introduction to Questions and Answers Lessons

A Question and Answer lesson is created by entering a series of questions, which should generate a student response. For each question, the a fluent speaker records appropriate audio and possibly a picture hint at the answer. Also included are a set of appropriate student answers, including audio, a first-language translation , and the corresponding native spelling).

When the lesson executes, the student selects one of the questions, hears the question, and attempts to answer, either verbally or by using the keyboard. The program responds with appropriate feedback to indicate to the student whether the answer was correct, close, or way off.

Question and Answer lesson creation proceeds in two steps. The first step is to configure and set up the data appropriately. Refer to Related Phrase Lesson Setup for more details. The second step is to execute the lesson and we describe this process in the Question and Answer Lesson Execute page. This procedure is analogous to setting up Power Point slides and then running a slide show.