Executing Translate lessons

Translate lessons playback indigenous audios and then require the student to contruct sentences that they hear. These lessons group various sentences into particular categories (like food, travel, interests, etc.). The student responds to each sentence, one-by-one. When finished they will have the option to repeat the category or to move onto the next. A running score provides the student with feedback to show how they are doing.

For each sentence of a category, each word (or sub-word) is initially displayed separately (and randomly scrambled) on the lower part of the display. Note though, that extra words that are not part of the sentence may appear at the bottom, which the student should ignore.

The sentence is constructed by selecting (clicking or touching) each word. This causes the selected word to append to the sentence being constructed at the top of the display. If the selection is incorrect, simply click where it appears at the top of the display and it will move back to the bottom part of the display. If it is in the wrong place in the constructed sentence, first click to move it to the bottom and then click again between the words where it should be, This will cause it will reappear in the correct position.

There are a set of buttons at the top left of the display. These respectively are used to repeat the playback, to slow down the audio for eaier comprehension, to see the answer, and to check the answer. When the answer is checked, the student will be provided with feedback as to whether the constructed sentence is correct. If incorrect, one can proceed normaly, or skip the question. When the constructed sentence is nearly correct, the answer is shown, but it will be counted as correct. After all questions in a category are handled, one can repeat working with the current category, or they can move onto the next. A running score of correct versus incorrect answers also displays.

Play Control Panel

On the bottom of the display there is a row of buttons that are standard across all lesson types. For more information Click Here. Clicking on the middle button () causes a pop up menu to appear, which has options that are unique for each lesson type. Translate lesson options enable: