Insert Lesson

The insert lesson command executes when you click on the edit menu and then select the lesson option from the insert submenu. You can also trigger this command by clicking on its icon on the toolbar.

You may use this command to add a lesson to a file. Recall that a file consists of a series of lessons. When the insert command executes, a panel will display requesting lesson header information. Only lesson type and lesson title are required. We describe of the parts of this header information below.

  1. Lesson Type: A drop down menu of lesson types show which types are available. The selection defines how the lesson is to be set up and later executed.
  2. Lesson Title: The lesson title is a short name for this lesson. This title displays at the top of the lesson set up panel.
  3. Lesson Name: The lesson name is the link used to tie lessons in a file together. For example, clicking on the 'link' icon in picture and sound lessons, will cause the lesson with the matching name to display. This operation is similar to how hyperlinks work on the web. It is important to note that the link works between lessons in the same file. At present, there is no way to link a lesson from one file to a lesson in another.
  4. Description: You may enter descriptive information pertaining to the lesson in this field.
  5. Layer Names: All ACORNS lesson types support up to ten layers. These allow you to customize your lesson and apply different dialects to different layers. Another use might be to categorize the information in a lesson into layers. Users have found other imaginative ways to use this feature. The insert lesson command enables you to assign unigue names to the layers. These names will display when lessons execute.

Additional Notes

The lesson header information displays on the left side of the main ACORN frame during lesson setup. Therefore, entering meaningful information in the above fields allows for more easy maintenance. Refer to lesson list display for more information regarding to the panel displaying lesson header information.