Lesson List

The list of lessons in a file show on a panel on the left side of the ACORNS window frame during lesson setup. This panel displays lesson header information described in insert lesson for each lesson in the file. This panel provides several other useful capabilities that we describe below.

  1. At the top of the panel there is a button with the label called 'Lesson List.' Clicking on this button causes a drop down menu to appear. The options on this menu are Modify lesson, remove lesson, and help. Clicking on help displays this page. Click on the two hyperlinks for information on the other options.
  2. There are a series of buttons at the bottom of the panel. Clicking these buttons enable you to scroll between lessons of a file. Refer to Scrolling Lessons for more information on how to use this option
  3. Lessons can be reordered by dragging lessons to the desired position in the file. Simply press the mouse over the lesson you want to reposition, and drag the depressed mouse to were you want the lesson to be. Releasing the mouse repositions the lesson at that spot. Microsoft's PowerPoint program has a similar option to reposition slides in a file.
  4. Each lesson header has text fields that you can directly type into to change the lesson name and/or layer names. This feature means you don't have to execute the Modify Lesson command to alter these fields.