Open File

The open file command executes when you click the open option on the file menu. It also executes when you click the open icon on the tool bar . When you execute this command, a file chooser dialogue enables you to find existing files. Double click on the file name that you desire to open.

You can also open a file when you have a folder open in the operating system which contains ACORNS files. Simply, drag the file with the .lnx extension over the ACORNS application frame and release. Double clicking on a file with .lnx will also launch the ACORNS application with the file automatically open.

The open file option can fail if too many files are currently open (active). If this occurs, you may close, save, or export one of the other open files, and then try again.

ACORNS remembers the folder that housed the file that was opened last. This eliminates unnecessary traversing across system folders.