System Options

Select this command from the tools menu. It allows you to turn on and off sound, translation data, or native language spellings that display when lessons execute. You can also change these options when execute lessons. Just click on the center button at the bottom of the display screen. This will cause a drop down menu to display. Just click on the appropriate selection to change the settings.

The System Options command allows you to select a native keyboard using a drop down menu. The download program supports any indigenous font installed as a True Type Font. Use the Edit -- Modify -- Fonts to enable ACORNS to use the font. Every place that ACORNS accepts input of indigenous language will use the selected font.

All ACORNS lessons support ten layers, which you can use to reflect different dialects or for levels of difficulty. This command also allows you to define default names for the layers of lessons that you create, which students see when the lessons execute. Default names is helpful because, once set, you don't have to type in layer names each time you create a new lesson.

Once you change the system options, the new settings remain in effect until you change them again. They remain at their new values the next time you run the program. ACORNS remembers system information in a control file. System information includes recently open files, system options, and audio parameters. Deleting this control file resets the information to a default state.