Help System Overview

The help system executes when you select the help topics option of the help menu. You can also execute help by clicking on the help icon on the toolbar (the icon that looks like a book), or by depressing the F1 key on your keyboard.

When you execute the help command, three tabs show on the left side of the display. These tabs have labels 'Index', 'Table of Contents', and 'Search'. You can click on the these tabs to get a specific view of the help system.

Context sensitive help executes when you click on a help button or menu item labeled 'Help' in various parts of the ACORNS program. One example is the 'Lesson List' button that appears at the top of the lesson information panel (appears at the left side of the main ACORNS frame). If you click the lesson list button, a drop down menu shows, and help is one of the options. Selecting the help option describes how to use the lesson list panel. Refer to Lesson List documentation for more information.

Field sensitive help executes when you move the mouse over a component (e.g. text fields or buttons) on the display. Tool tip information displays.

There are four buttons on the top of the help frame. These have the labels 'Back', 'Forward', 'Home', and 'Print'. Clicking the 'Back' button returns to the previous displayed page; 'Forward' retrieves the next page displayed after the current page. The 'Home' button returns to the first page that the Help System displayed when it began to execute. 'Print' causes the contents of the current page to print. Most web browsers have buttons that work the same way.