Save a File with a Different Name

The save as command executes when you choose the save as option on the file menu. You can also execute the save as command by clicking the icon on the toolbar .

The save as command is similar to a save operation, but saves files using a different name. When the save as option runs, a save dialogue frame appears. This gives you the chance to select a file name for the save. If you choose a file that already exists, a warning message displays to allow you to cancel the operation.

The save as command doesn't close the active file, so you will need to close it when you are finished working with it.

The save as feature is useful to create multiple copies of a file. For example, you might want to create another file with some of the same lesson data.

Additional Notes

The save as command operates on the open active file (the one that displays). If no files are active, the save as menu option and the toolbar icon are not available and will appear faded (ghosted).

ACORNS remembers the folder housing the file that was saved last. This feature eliminates unnecessary traversal across system folders.