Embedded Fonts and Keyboard Layouts

Some tribes require custom fonts and/or keyboard layouts to properly reflect their individual writing systems. ACORNS can embed these custom fonts and keyboard layouts into lessons distributed on CDs or those posted to the Web. This feature facilitates their use by language students that don't have the technical expertise to install those fonts or keyboard layouts onto their systems.

The folder Documents/acornsFiles (or ~/acornsFiles on Linux) contain sub-directories to hold custom fonts and keyboard layouts. If the acornsFiles directory doesn't exist, the Acorns directory is used instead. Within this folder, custom fonts and keyboard layouts are stored within the Fonts and keyLayoutFiles folders respectively. (Note: Applications acquired from Apple Store have strict restrictions regarding file access. Therefore, the Apple Store version uses a user-selected folder instead of Documents.)

Any True Type Font (with a .ttf extension) that you want included within the Web-jar file created when you make a Web-page out of an ACORNS file should be stored in the Fonts subfolder. Acorns does the rest automatically. Any lesson that requires these fonts, even if students don't install them on their local systems.