Common Error and other Messages

This page lists and gives a description of some of the messages that you might see while you run the ACORNS sound editor, or some of the ACORNS annotation features.

No Sound Clip Has Been Recorded There is no sound clip loaded or recorded. The wave display window is all black. Various options cannot execute without a sound wave. Either load a sound file or make a new recording.
Sound System is Active The program is recording data from a microphone. Press the stop button when you are finished recording.
Sound System is not Active The stop recording button is pressed when the program is not recording. First press the record button, and then speak into the microphone.
Cannot Zoom out any More The entire sound wave alredy displays in the wave display window.
Cannot Zoom in any More The program reached its maximum zoom capacity and cannot provide any finer detail relating to the recorded sound.
There is Nothing Selected The command requires the user to select a part of the sound wave. First make your selection and then try again.
Nothing to Redo or Nothing to Undo There are no operations that the program knows about that it can redo or undo. Remember that redo and undo operations reset when sound files the browse, import, record, or erase options execute.
Sound Increased to Maximum The program made the sound as loud as possible without distorting the signal.
Keyboard remapped to .... The program will uses the selected keyboard when you next enter text into the native language text field.
Signal to Trim from the Front Sometimes sound files have a spike of high amplitude frames in the front. This can cause the normalize option to appear to not work. This option automatically silences the front portion of the sound wave to avoid this problem.
Some values were Illegal One or more of the changed control options were illegal. The operation was canceled. Enter legal values and try again.
File Exceeds Maximum Length or Recording Exceeds Maximum Length Files or recordings cannot exceed the limit specified by the advanced controls button. Try overriding the limit and try again.
Illegal Input, Move Mouse Over Field for Instructions When entering advanced controls for the sound editor, your input was illegal. If you move your mouse over the control you are trying to change, you'll get some tips as to valid input values.
There is Nothing Selected Add and Delete annotations require you to delect a portion of the recording.
Modify Operations Requird a single point To modify an annotation, just click within its area. Don't try to select.
There are No Annotations Available If no annotations exist in the area of the recording of interest, you can't delete or modify.
Insert Operation Failed, Edit Operation Failed, or Delete Operation Failed The selection was illegal for this operation.
Couldn't display the edited wave For some reason, the Sound Editor tried, but failed to display a sound recording.
xxxxxx Doesn't Exist You tried to access a file that doesn't exist. Enter a valid name, or click within the file chooser window to try again.
Illegal File Name The name of the file entered is invalid. Try a differnt name.
There is Nothing to Save You tried to save, when there was no file open.