Sound Editor Help

When you click on the help icon , a frame appears with three tabs and these show on the left side of the display. These tabs have the labels, 'Contents', 'Index', and 'Search.' The Contents and Index tabs present basically the same information, but in a different way. Contents, for example, looks like a book's table of contents. To display information, if you see a folder of interest with a plus sign to the left, click on the plus. This action will open the folder to see what is inside, and the plus will change a minus. Clik on the minus to close the folder of information.

Should you see a description without the plus (or minus) to the left and want to view its contents, simply click on the title. The corresponding page will show on the right. This help facility is a common way that many applications provide a built-in help facility.

The third view is for searching for a term. Just type the phrase or word of interest and a list of web pages containing words in the phrase will display on the left. You can click on the one of interest to see its full display.

The buttons on the top of the help frame allow you to navigate forward, backwards, to the original page, or get a hard-copy printout of the page showing on the right. These buttons work very much like the similar buttons in web-browsers.

Click on the 'X' at the top right of the frame to exit the help frame.